Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sugar & Spike: DC Comes to its Senses, Then Remembers That it is DC and Screws Up Again

For about ten seconds, all was right in the universe. Next summer, DC Comics is going to reprint the first ten issues of Sheldon Mayer's amazingly funny and cute Sugar & Spike.

Unfortunately, reality soon set in. They're doing it as a pricy, sixty dollar hardcover in their Archives line. Amazon listing.

I think somebody at DC missed the bit about these being kid's comics. The really crazy thing is that they have recently started up a line of 100-page $8 books reprinting recent superhero comics, and that's a line that makes sense for the material, even more than those big, thick Showcase Presents books. Look, Sugar & Spike is wonderful and silly, but it is for children. Sixty-dollar hardcovers are not. Get your heads together, DC!


  1. Wow, well spotted Grant
    Yes they MUST issue them in a different form. These are NOT like other superhero titles. We read these with guilty pleasure knowing we were serious comic nerds who only read 'grown up stuff'.
    Even in B&W they would be acceptable, but PLEASE DC, Sugar and Spike are for children not collectors

  2. Grant

    Have you been following this thread at DC:

    Norman again