Monday, July 26, 2010

Announcements and things in the wake of Comic-Con

I've been setting aside a few announcements over the last couple of months that I thought were interesting. In the wake of some new good news, I'm putting these in one place to reference. Honestly, things have been pretty slow on this front lately, with no new licenses announced from among the few dozen I've mentioned in this blog previously. That said...

Drawn and Quarterly announced a series of annual collections of Doug Wright's Nipper. Obviously, Seth thinks more of this guy's stuff than I do, but I'm curious to sit down with some of it at some point.

Dark Horse has a mammoth 496-page collection of Dave McKean's Cages as well as a new edition of Jill Thompson's Scary Godmother.

Fantagraphics finally - boy, this is overdue - has a September 2010 release date for the first in their long-anticipated collections of Walt Kelly's Pogo. Also, they've got a second hardcover collection of Linda Medley's Castle Waiting, which my wife enjoys more than me, in December. They've also got a series of collections of the classic Mickey Mouse adventure strip coming in 2011.